Spring Break


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Hey Girls, sorry that my last post was so long ago. I was on my spring break and traveled to Barcelona then all around Italy with my boyfriend. We had delicious pizza in Rome, tasty meats in Florence, a romantic Easter in Venice, and a day full of shopping in Milan. Don’t worry I will leave you all my tips and first-hand advice! The trip left me exhausted but full of lots of fashion insights and blog ideas from one of the most fashion-leading country, Italy. To save space and hassle my boyfriend and I decided to take only one carry on each which, turned more into two carry-ons with my clothes and a few of his pieces randomly in each- Oops. It was very difficult to pack for 10 days and only one carry on and I know I am not the only one with this problem so I made a carry-on survival kit.

My Carry-on survival kit

Pack your “must-haves”, more solids and more accessories, less you have the less stressed you are.

Must haves:

Sunglasses – my favorite are my RayBan Wayfarers. The tortoise color match almost every outfit and the case is so tiny that it can be thrown in any bag. You also don’t have to worry about dropping, loosing, or breaking them because they are cheaper and more durable than most designer sunglasses.

Solids- solid pieces are key because you can mix & match them so easily. This season my favorite solid is black so I brought a lot of black shirts and cardigans so that I can layer easily.

Accessories- most times accessories can weigh almost nothing so it is better to pack more accessories and less clothing pieces that you intentionally want. No one in Rome will remember what top you had on the day before but you will get some double-takes for your cute bangles or headband.

Sneakers- For this trip I completely forgot sneakers which was a total bummer. L Every night my feet hurt after our long walks and sight-seeing days. Everyone in Europe mostly wears Converses but in Italy the hottest sneaker is Hogan.

Messenger Bag: right now they are completely in style and save you stress because you are in more control of your belonging when you are distracted by sight-seeing and unaware of pick-pockers.

Less Items Less stress: From constantly moving from city to city and hotel to hotel I completely lost track of my items. By the end of the trip we even bought more things that couldn’t fit in our bags forcing us to buy a new bag and check one of our old bags. When carrying the extra items I felt dis-shovled and stressed so I would suggest packing less so you have less clothing piece responsibility.

My Carry-On:

3 cardigans, 5 tank-tops, 2 pairs of skinny jeans, 2 pairs of sunglasses, 1 dress, 2 pairs of flats and 2 pairs of heels (stupidly forgetting my sneakers!), 3 solid tee-shirts, 1 jacket, 1 messenger bag, 1 scarf,12 pairs of underwear, and accessories accessories accessories.

Hope you girls had a good spring break! Ill post pictures soon I prom.!
3 Responses to “Spring Break”
  1. Great ideas for traveling light. Hope you'll post some pictures of your trip. I will be visiting Spain in Sept.

  2. vicky h. says:

    This is a perfect post! I think you covered all the essentials and totally got it right! I traveled to London, Rome and Venice 2 summers ago all with just one carry-on and was faced with the same problem!My Easter was great, I'm guessing yours was too, since you got to spend it in Venice!!nyc = july 2d til the 7th…soo excited!xoxBikinis & Passports

  3. BarelyVogue says:

    Love your picture. Good thoughts! Would love to see more pics from your tripxxbarelyvogue.blogspot.com

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