Charolette Delivered to My Door

  shoe folded in half for easy packing

how adorable

When I saw the four flats dedicated to the four leading ladies of Sex & the City from Redfoot I knew that I HAD to have the Charolettes. Her character in Sex & the City & me are the same person so when I saw these I instant fell in love with them because we have the same style, naturally. I recently blogged about these adorable fold-able flats and finally got them in the mail!! They are so perfect for packing and even come with their own travel bag. They fit in a wrist let or purse so you can slip them in your bag for a night out and when your 5-inch heels are killing you you can make the easy change from hot heels to cute flats. (Your feet will thank you in the morning.) They are also the perfect pair of shoes to travel with because they take up close to no room in your suitcase. I really cannot get enough of these flats. Which Sex & The City flats channel your style?

14 Responses to “Charolette Delivered to My Door”
  1. heart those flats :)what about carrie's?Castor Pollux

  2. How cool! My favorite is the Miranda shoe! 🙂 (purple with a black bow)xxx

  3. These are gorgeous, I love the packaging and the detailing on the shoes.

  4. What a lovely thing to do for oneself. I would say that of the leading ladies I prefer Charolette's style. Good on you for treating yourself;-)

  5. It's always great to have a pair of flats in your handbag, and these are really pretty. All in all I'd say I'm a Carrie girl (including the heels). x

  6. had no idea they had merchandise as well 🙂 heart heart 🙂 P.S your names reminds me of a famous actor here in India:)

  7. { Thy Lady } says:

    Wow! I love those flats & I love S&TC 🙂 I can't wait to see the movie :)Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! You have a beautiful blog yourself! am following! x

  8. Flats are always in style!! They look gorgeous! xoxoxoxooxo

  9. haha – i LOVE this. I had no idea they had cute little Sex in the City flats. I think I'm a "Samantha" flat myself :)Just found your blog and I'm enjoying. :)Bre @

  10. Nina says:

    soo pretty, love the packaging too!

  11. E says:

    Those are so genius! I need a pair!

  12. mariska says:

    the flats is super cute,,>.<great buy!:)

  13. kirstyb says:

    oh thats brilliant love it x

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