When in Rome

being very Italian
Trevvi Fountain
Spanish steps
Via dei Condotti
shirt, pepe jeans; sunglasses, rayban; bag, botiker; jeans, joes jeans
With the weather trying to get warmer I decided to reminisce on my spring break trip; specifically, Rome. (I recently blogged about how to pack for the trip) The streets are full of tourists and the air smells of delicious pizza and pasta; there really is no better pizza or pasta in the world! My favorite pizza place was outside of the center city called Remo’s Pizza. The pizzas were individual sized which was a perfect excuse to get my own pizza and whatever topping I wanted; cheese, peppers, & onions. (My mouth is watering just thinking of it) Another must-try is the roman suppli; a deep fried ball filled of rice & mozzarella. How can you say no to that tasty appetizer.
My favorite Roman places:
The Colessium– of course it is a must see, it is even one of the seven wonders of the world!
Remo’s Pizza– tucked away from the city center is this family run pizza place, the place is packed with locals, and the individual pizzas are to die for.
Trevvi Fountain– this jut took my breathe away, be sure to throw a coin in & make a wish, & drink from the fountains!
Via dei Condotti– a street where every designer has at least one store (there were two louis vuittons and guccis.) the cobblestone street gives this designer wonderland an amazing Italian feeling.
Gioletti– the best gelato in all of Rome. Aubrey Hepburn even filmed a movie here! My favorite is the crema

Ciao Bellas!

6 Responses to “When in Rome”
  1. Looks like you had a ton of fun here! You are right…always a lot of tourists, especially lately!!! I try to avoid the Spanish Steps and Via dei Condotti because it's usually SO packed, but definitely a must-see at least one time! You look so pretty in these photos!♥Rachel

  2. vicky h. says:

    looking at these pretty pictures, I really miss being in Rome. I loved both my trips there and really want to go back one day! Looks like you had an amazing time AND great weather!xox vickyBikinis & Passports

  3. Oh yes… Rome is one of my all time favorite cities… hope to get back someday soon!XXXhttp://gypsy-diaries.blogspot.com

  4. ANGELINA says:


  5. Clare says:

    Ah I love Rome! These photos are beautiful, I love the architecture in Rome so much.tweet tweet tweetx

  6. Miss Molly says:

    love your blog!!! thanks for stopping by and checking out mine!! am following yours nowxoxox

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