Sunday Shopping

My sandwich chicken breast, cheese, lettuce, and onions with mayonnaise, warmed of course

the perfect combination
on me; blazer, j.crew; tank-top, victorias secret; jeans, rich & skinny; flats, juicy couture; my favorite bag; botiker

Instead on focusing on my finals that are quickly approaching my mind was still focused on shopping so, I took some time away from the books and onto the streets of Madrid. For days I have been fantasizing about a cute lace top I found at Topshop and went into the store lucky enough to come out with just that top and not the whole store. Knowing that studying for finals was coming soon (as soon as I got home) my iced latte stayed in my hand all day. While searching for a quick place to eat I found a new brand of Tyrrell’s chips the flavor, strawberry,sweet chili, & white wine. As soon as I saw that combination I knew I had to try them (they were delicious!). So I grabbed a bag and headed to my favorite sandwich shop in my neighborhood, La Ria De Arosa knowing that they would be a match mad in food heaven. And they were! Now on to my second coffee of the day & actually studying. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

P.S – Thank you to everyone who is following my blog. You are all amazing! XO

28 Responses to “Sunday Shopping”
  1. vicky h. says:

    in Madrid you can shop on a sunday?! LUCKY GIRL!!can't wait to see pictures of that lace-top!happy Monday! xox VickyBikinis & Passports

  2. you look so pretty! Adore the splash of colour in your shirt 🙂http://www.friendinfashion.blogspot.comxx

  3. pretty pretty girl, love th colour of your tank, perfect summer styling. Great blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy.Happy Monday! x

  4. i'm so jealouse of you being in madrid! i've been there and i'm tottaly in love in that city <3+i really like your jacket+thanks for the comment on my blog!xoxo,

  5. You have great flats…Great pictures…beautiful day!Kisses:)

  6. CC says:

    Fab pictures! Love the blazer. =)Xx

  7. Becca. says:

    love the crips packaging!!XOXO, BECCA

  8. Those crisps [chips] sound amazing, did you find a ticket for the diamond 🙂

  9. oh you look amazing & adorable!!thank you for the comment hope you pass by my fashion blog also and follow it :)

  10. Jammer says:

    Take it from someone who just went through finals (for the last time!) – enjoy the time that you aren't studying and just relax! I quickly realized that I'll do much better if I just give my mind a rest every once and a while and then focus when I really need to. Good luck!

  11. kirstyb says:

    love the colour of your top and now im hungry xxxx

  12. Ohmigosh you are so incredibly adorable; I just love your smile! And that blazer is to die for. I'm so glad you had a good time, my love; good luck studying!! 🙂

  13. LOL – you sound just like me (when I was in college) shopping instead of studying! LOVE IT 🙂 Thanks for continuing to support my blog girlie! I appreciate it! xx

  14. michelle_ says:

    gorgeous girl !i love your botkier bag !many thanks for the sweet comments..glisters and blisters

  15. A. says:

    Haha did you find smth in that chips bag ? :)your outfit was really nice 🙂 and good luck with your studying.

  16. Clara says:

    lovely look!great blogxxx

  17. Anna says:

    Thank God I can't shop on Sunday! Love your blazer, your ballerinas … and you smile!xxx

  18. heyhayley6 says:

    thanks for the comment! I am now following your blog 🙂 very cute outfit! I especially love the blazer! And that lunch looks amazing and is making me very hungryHayley

  19. sophie says:

    Definitely better to shop then study haha. I love your outfit! x

  20. Sara says:

    Just found your site, love your style!xx

  21. coy colleen says:

    I wish we had a topshop in california! so jealousthat sandwich looks yummy 🙂

  22. You are the cutest, awe 🙂

  23. Fuji Files says:

    That sandwich is making my mouth water. And that flavour of chips has me so curious! Love your outfit.xx FujiFiles

  24. BeHepburn says:

    really pretty girl! 🙂

  25. Ashley says:

    I am seriously salivating over your food pictures – YUM! And you are absolutely adorable! Love your blog :)-Ashley

  26. you remind me of marion cottillard!

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