…Likes a Jazz Man

lemon chicken with hand-made french fries

Remember in the Sex and the City series when Big teases Carrie because she “likes a jazz man”? That was all I could think about when I stopped at the Jazz Cafe during my spring break stop in Milan after shopping, shopping, shopping. On our hectic day of non-stop store-seeing (no sight-seeing for me) I stopped at the cute outdoor restaurant for lunch, The Jazz Cafe. Bread was served in a white paper bag which reminded me on my days in elementary and middle school. The day was beautiful and I sat outside to enjoy my cafe latte and salad. My boyfriend order the lemon-chicken which was brought out on a wooden cutting board that was bigger than my whole body! The food was delicious and the outdoor seating was full of younger Italian. Next time I am in Milan I will make sure to come back here!
shirt, topshop; cardigan j.crew; sunglasses, tom ford
8 Responses to “…Likes a Jazz Man”
  1. I love Milan! Next time Im there I will have to try that place!Have a great weekend:)Kisses

  2. Krystal says:

    I'm planning on Milan this summer so I will definitely try that place!

  3. I went to Milan 5 years ago and cannot wait to go back. Hope you had an amazing time… and I remember that bit in SATC!x

  4. Hummm…it looks delicious!

  5. Oh, I've never been to Milan, but I like the sounds of it so far (shopping and large portions of food).ShopTOLive.ca

  6. Faboulista says:

    hmm i remember that episode… hahah. the food makes me hungry just looking at it.btw i love the print on your shirt.xoxomina

  7. Andhari says:

    Ohhh I like lemon chicken and the picture is awesome.

  8. E. Max says:

    Tom Ford's are always a winner and I trust that you did awesome shopping. The chicken and fries look delightful!

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