Mama Mia Pizza

nameko mushrooms & mozzerella
eggplant, white cheese, oregano, bacon

patiently waiting for my slices

so yummy

On most late nights or pizza, vino (wine), and television series dates – my newest addiction is Desperate Housewives- my favorite thing is of course pizza. My newest craving is Pizza al cuadrado where they know me by name as I now have become a regular who craves their delicious slices like the rest of my neighborhood. The line is usually out the door but each slice is worth waiting for. Each pizza creation is made on a huge sleet and is cut with scissors (its the cutest thing ever) by how much you are able to eat then weighed for price. Each night I come I’m excited to see which pizza creations are hot out of the oven and ready for me to enjoy. My favorites lately have been the spicy tomatoes cherries with no sauce and the zucchini with parmesan. But they have many other creative pies like potato, gorgonzola, and pine nuts; nameko mushroom and fresh mozzerella that also call my name. I swear each time I go in they even have some of their own creations freshly made and I love the excitement of seeing what they create and which I will devour next. 

Where it is:
Pizza al cuadrado
Calle del Barco Number 45 
Madrid, Spain

15 Responses to “Mama Mia Pizza”
  1. vicky h. says:

    yummm! these look mouth-watering! want some right now!!xox VickyBikinis & Passports

  2. Yum yum… time to get some lunch… my belly is making sounds! :DXXX

  3. Pizza is the best…so easy and always delicious!

  4. It's looks so yummy ;Dgreat picskisses

  5. daisychain says:

    Holy wow that looks amazing

  6. StacieBlair says:

    Pizza is one of my fave foods!!! Looks GREAT!!Nice blog!xoxstacieblairps: i'm now a follower, hopefully you can be a follower of mine! πŸ™‚

  7. Missy M says:

    oh yummy! i'm just eating pizza now! spooky :)MissyHigh street + Couture =

  8. Oh how I love pizza…looks oh so yummy!Liesl πŸ™‚

  9. Anisa says:

    Wow that looks so delicious! Hopefully you'll post another blog entry soon so that I won't start drooling every time I go to your blog lol.P.S. Thanks for the blog comment πŸ™‚

  10. E says:

    Omigod, that pizza looks incredible!

  11. kelly ann says:

    that eggplant pizza looks so delicious! πŸ™‚

  12. Meg says:

    Looks delicious! & you look lovely :)www.meg-land.blogspot.comxx

  13. Mmm heaven! Thanks for popping by SheWearSheShares!

  14. Sumaya says:

    the first one looks soooo good!!

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