Fashion Client

my outfit to the fashion showing

jacket, j.crew; top, splendid; skirt, express; flats, tory burch; bag, louis vuitton speedy

Have you seen my top or skirt before? Yes, I have worn them both in my previous posts (here & here) but since I am studying abroad I have few clothing to pick from but so many outfits to make! I wore this outfit today to a fashion showing that I was invited to. I saw a selection of designer’s fall/winter 2010 lines and you will love what is coming out. I also saw a new hot piece that has never been seen or made before. I will hopefully be doing a feature on them soon (any ideas to what it is?). I wish I could tell you more but the wait will be worth it. I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday.

21 Responses to “Fashion Client”
  1. Sounds great! Can't wait! Very cute outfit!Have a great day:)

  2. Vanessa Mala says:

    you look great in that melon color!be sure to check out my giveaway :)

  3. Vanessa Mala says:

    oh and I forgot to mention I saw this and thought of you—I want to look like Anna Karina…slighty off a letter, but close.

  4. meggasus says:

    This is such a wonderful look. You are a gorgeous girl! Have fun studying abroad πŸ™‚

  5. Kayla says:

    I love the speedy bag. I'm jealous. I want one!

  6. Amazing outfit!By the way, I'm currently running a blog feature contest, looking for the best dressed readers on my blog and I would love for you to enter! The winners whom I choose will be interviewed and (obviously) featured on my blog. If you're interested, simply click here to enter! Thanks :)-Jess

  7. CC says:

    You look fab, lady! Love that skirt. :)Xx

  8. .sabo skirt. says:

    You look fabulous! your blog is lovelystop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it.

  9. Anna Katrina says:

    thank you all for your lovely posts!@vanessa mala thanks for the article i just read it haha the names are so similar its too funny !! i cant tell if we have similar tastes though hehe

  10. Beautiful outfit!! I love the cheery color, you look so adorable and vibrant πŸ˜‰

  11. Lali says:

    Like your colourful outfit. πŸ™‚

  12. K. says:

    As a travelling model and a student on a limited budget I understand you completely… few clothes to pick from, but many different ways to mix them! FABULOUS blog, definitely will be

  13. B.M.H says:

    I didn't know your blog!! It's really nice, follow you since now ;)Thanks for your lovely comment!!This Speedy fro LV is so nice!!Kisses

  14. Krystal says:

    interesting! i would love to go to one of these sometime

  15. I was in Paris last week but I didn't find a LONGCHAMP shop, so I bought this bag here in Belguim! I'll follow you too!Love

  16. Victoria-H says:

    Aw Thanks ! :)Oo what a cute jacket !!

  17. Ali Skye says:

    i love this look!the color of that jacket is beautiful!i'm now following your blog!check mine out too!xoxoali

  18. christelle says:

    i love your bag πŸ™‚

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