Sangria in the Sun

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My favorite part of the city of Madrid is the city goers love for terraces. On warm spring / summer days you see everyone on a terrace enjoying company, drinks, the view, and laughs. My favorite place to enjoy the view of the Royal Palace and sip on Sangria is Cafe Oriente. The outdoor seating is covered by enormous umbrellas with water misting at you every couple of minutes to cool you from the scorching heat. The view of the Royal Palace is simply amazing and makes the food & drink much more enjoyable. After my afternoon tapas & sangria I got gelatto from Freddo Freddo (two scoops of crema please!). It was a perfect Spanish day. 

P.S- Thank you Closet Fashionista for the blog award, youre so sweet !

Mi parte predilecta de la ciudad de Madrid es la ciudad que asiduos adoran para terrazas. En la primavera tibia/días de verano que usted ve todos en una terraza que disfruta de la compañía, de bebidas, de la vista, y de las risas. Mi lugar predilecto disfrutar de la vista del Palacio y el sorbo Reales en la Sangría es Café Oriente. Los asientos al aire libre son cubiertos por enormes paraguas con misting de agua en usted cada pareja de minutos de refrescarle del calor que achicharra. La vista del Palacio Real asombra simplemente y hace el alimento & bebe mucho más agradable. Después de mis tapas de tarde & sangría yo conseguí gelatto de Freddo Freddo (dos palas de crema complacen!). Fue un día español perfecto.

51 Responses to “Sangria in the Sun”
  1. Lauraloves. says:

    Wow, I am insanely jealous of you right now! I want some sangria now haha :)love your blog – you deserved that award :)www.romance-is-boring.blogspot.comxx

  2. Nice top!xxx

  3. Ice cream:) Kisses and enjoy your day:)

  4. Sheray-Amy says:

    Gorgeous photos, love the pink flowers in the background.Thanks for the great comment on my blog too.♥

  5. Adele says:

    Hey missy, you look ever so pretty! Love that top! Very jealous!- AdeleMOLTOCURIOSA.COM ♥

  6. vicky h. says:

    your top is super cute! and I wish the weather in Vienna was the same as Madrid!!xox VIckyBikinis & Passports

  7. Jammer says:

    Mmmm I'm going to be needing one of those later today!

  8. LUU H. says:

    love your lv bag !

  9. That looks so fun! And I LOVE your shirt!!! 😀 I wish I lived somewhere cool like Madrid, or London…or Paris XD or anywhere but the US :p

  10. Nice pics!! ;)Les vetements pour femme

  11. thingsIlove says:

    Oh, it looks so sunny! It's raining here…

  12. Mary says:

    I love sangria… and I love that your top matches ;)xxMKDelightful Bitefuls

  13. Jesa says:

    Sangria is my favorite, and your adorable :)Cheers, Jesa

  14. Sunaina says:

    Looks lovely!! Nice pics, and I want a bag like you!Can I do an interview with you? If you're interested, please mail me! 🙂

  15. The top/first picture of you is so sweet. How nice it must be to sip sangria in warm sunshine;)

  16. ADELE says:

    I recogniza the places, I love Madrid ! And i wish it's the same weather here in France ! Nice outfit !

  17. I am jealous of the weather there! Perfect outfit for the sun

  18. U look cute girl! Looks like u had a great time!

  19. Chelsea says:

    mmm…tapas and sangria…that sounds amazing right about now! (it makes me want to make a reservation at our local tapas bar…although it wouldn't even come close to madrid!)i'm loving that top, so adorable!

  20. Sounds like a wonderful day. Oh how I'd love to visit Spain one day. xx

  21. Congrats on the award. Pretty top and the flowers in the background are so pretty!

  22. Ashley says:

    mmm sangria + gelato, that does sound like a perfect day! love your top and that pink flower bed, so pretty.xoxo, Ashley @

  23. anna says:

    What a beautiful city! I love your top. ^_^

  24. Love your shirt. It looks so pretty where you are. Those flowers are gorgeous.

  25. Lovely outfit and surroundings!-Jess

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! cute blog and I love your banner :)I want to go to Spain so badly!-ElizabethStyle and the City

  27. LIZ says:

    another great posts !i love the pic of summer time in spainwant it bad ! :)would you love to visit liz. secret rendevous & follow if you likethankies sweetiePinta Lizti Irene

  28. Hello lovely! Thank you SO much for entering my giveaway! I would LOVE to exchange links with you! 🙂 Yours is already in my blog roll – check it out! Thank you for continuing to support my blog! xx

  29. AlejandrA says:

    wow me encanta la primavera! y las fotos son muy lindas!

  30. I'd love to be there right now! It looks gorgeous! The little aparartments in the background a just adorable!

  31. Rhea says:

    I love Sangria! I got to visit Madrid like 10 years ago when I was in middle school for a school trip. I'm so mad I lost my pics from there. I would love to go there again! great pictures! thanks for visiting my blog, I will be following your blogs!

  32. Georgia says:

    i love those pink flowers! so many haha, cute post x

  33. LA says:

    Me encanta la camiseta! ;)LA

  34. Aleksandra says:

    I wanna to Madrid!!! I love sun and people laughs… and I see, you're the funny person, who likes a life (I hope!!)!:) That's great!:*

  35. You look super cute!By the way, there's a giveaway in my blog, go and check out, it might be interesting for you!

  36. Oh my gosh! I love your pink striped top! How gorgeous. You look lovely in the mix of all the pink flowers. Gorgeous images my dear.Rachael

  37. Vanessa Mala says:

    cuteeee blouse!glad you got the clutch! That was pretty fast. enjoy bonita!

  38. Star-Light says:

    nice pics-i love your top!

  39. Amy T says:

    ooo madrid looks gorgeousme and my boyfriend are thinking of going away but still undecided where to go! madrid looks wonderful, its definitely a maybe! &love teh blouse and the ruffles!

  40. Rocker Chic says:

    A sangria sounds good I actually had one this weekend but yours looked so much better than mine lol. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your blog and can't wait to read more.

  41. Mara says:

    Madrid sounds so fun! I love sangria 🙂 Your top is so pretty!!

  42. { I V Y } says:

    lovely top!omg i wish the weather was like this here, it's like, raining.:|

  43. ♥Aubrey says:

    Madrid looks beautiful!These photos make me want to hop on a plane & go visit…like NOW :)-My favorite has got to be of the one where it looks like you're standing IN the pink flowers.

  44. Mmm Sangria & sun! The perfect combination ;)KeepItFvncy,M.E.

  45. Madskirt says:


  46. Brittany says:

    Ahh, sipping sangria in the summer sun! What more could you ask for? 🙂

  47. A beautiful dose of summer!! I wish I was about to celebrate summer instead of winter!!! :)xxx

  48. apparellel says:

    so gorgeous! i love your blog!xxxt

  49. Rose says:

    yummy, sangria! love the pic with the flowers

  50. i wish i was there and not studying for my exams!! i am so jealous!you look lovely though xxx

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