Louis..Vuitton that is! When Sunaina asked to interview me and my Louis Vuitton speedy bag I was more than thrilled. When I sat down and began answering her questions I noticed just how much I loved my bag. I had dreamed about having a Louis Vuitton bag on my hand since I can remember but what did I really love about the bag? The luxury of it? The thrill of having a label everyone knew and recognized? I couldn’t point my finger on the answer until I answered the question “Where did you get your bag?” My wonderful family gave me the bag for my 21st birthday and it will be something I will have forever for a moment that I will always remember. It’s more than just a bag and I carry that memory with me throughout the whole day. Do you have a sweet story behind your hand accessory?

Cuando Sunaina pidió entrevistarme y mi Louis Vuitton bolsa rápida que fui más que estremecido. Cuando yo me senté y empecé contestando sus preguntas que advertí justo cuánto adoré mi bolsa. ¿Había soñado acerca de tener una bolsa de Louis Vuitton en la mano desde que yo puedo recordar pero qué adoré realmente yo acerca de la bolsa? ¿El lujo de ello? ¿La emoción de tener una etiqueta que todos supieron y reconocieron? ¿Yo no podría señalar el dedo en la respuesta hasta que contestara la pregunta “Dónde consiguió usted su bolsa”? Mi familia maravillosa me dio la bolsa por mis cumpleaños vigésimos primeros y será algo que tendré para siempre por un momento que yo siempre recordaré. Es más que justo una bolsa y yo llevan esa memoria conmigo a través del día entero. Espero que todos tenga una historia y/o la memoria dulces detrás de sus bolsas. 

54 Responses to “Louis”
  1. I got my first Louis Vuitton bag around my 21st birthday as well! 🙂 It was the very first luxury item I ever splurged on and it was the very first luxury item I bought from my own salary, which makes it extra special (I would have loved if my family had bought one for me though… 🙂 I love it and I almost never wear it as I'm scared that something would happen to it… 🙂 stupid i know…. :Dxxxhttp://gypsy-diaries.blogspot.com/

  2. Q look mas perfecto!! me encanta, estas muy guapa!! y el bolso es una autentica joya por el que no pasa el tiempo.What a perfect look!! I love it!! the bag is a jewel, it is timelessbesossshttp://yourperfectlook.blogspot.com

  3. wow. lv is such a luxury brand, and that bag is definitely a luxury item.. you know a bag or brand has it down when there are 209429 awful knockouts being sold in chinatown or just on the streets in nyc.love the outfit, so simple yet chic.<33[v] hobovogue.blogspot.com

  4. Camila says:

    que mona estas asi tan normalita ademas me encanta el bolso un beso!!

  5. Jessica says:

    You are so beautiful! I love the neckline on your top.

  6. What a great top and you look great in heels:)Kisses and enjoy your day, sweetie

  7. i use to be allllll about the LV ~ have about 5 or 6 i'd say .. now not so much .. well ok a lil .. but i sorta' like the new and upcoming designers now or the bags that the world doesn't "KNOW" .. *kiss kiss*Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  8. Kara says:

    I love this outfit! So casual chic and breezy 🙂 Of course, I love your Louis as well! Aren't items so much more valuable and sentimental when they're given to you by those you love? My brother's girlfriend gave me a Chanel bag she got in Beijing for Xmas. It's authenticity is questionable haha, but I love it none-the-less! :)http://kara-ofmomentsinmoonlight.blogspot.com/http://kara-ofmomentsinmoonlight.blogspot.com/

  9. A Brit Greek says:

    I do love a good Louis! Plus, the heel on those shoes are awesome!I'm going to attempt to make my first ever Louis V Cake bag soon… thanks for the inspiration!x.o.x.o

  10. Carla says:

    Muchas gracias por tu comentario!Me encanta tu blog, te sigo guapa!xoxoRedhead in Law

  11. Alex says:

    sooooo cute!:PXoxo

  12. Nikki says:

    Oh I love this bag..:D

  13. Taj Acosta says:

    Lovely pictures dear! xoxo

  14. You look beautiful!!1 and those sandals are amazing!

  15. great look and you have a cute smile!

  16. Love the photos!! And yea, same with me…I got my Dooney and Bourke bag for Christmas after waiting 2 years for it. Not as big as LV but I still love it 😉http://aclosetfashionista.blogspot.com/

  17. Lili says:

    Hi. I really loved your outfit's…You're so pretty :)kisseshttp://thescrapbookfrommyshoes.blogspot.com

  18. That's so nice that you family gave you that bag, I also have a Coach bag that my little cousin bought me (she's 12 and a big fan of fashion) and I love it more than other bags I have.Anyways, this outfit is so lovely – simple, yet chic.

  19. I would be delighted too. That was so nice that your family offered that bag 🙂 Enjoy it!Btw, great blog.Kisses from Portugal,Cristianahttp://theallurehouse.co.cc

  20. Awww I love your bag! So cute!

  21. Lenore says:

    Gorgeous bag! And you look gorgeous with it!!Thanks for stopping by Lather. Write. Repeat.! So nice to meet you and hope you come back soon.XOLenore

  22. Simple but cute! A bag is always a solid investment!

  23. Great story and lovely smile girl! I think I got my first LV bag as a bday gift from my parents when I was about 23 or 24? So you got me beat! I think a Speedy like yours would have been more timeless, as it carries a lot. My dad picked a purse that doesn't hold much because it looked more "ladylike". xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  24. i love these photos sooo much!anyway check out my blog. im an amateur fashion photographer and just set up my own blog.http://styleofnewvintage.blogspot.com/plz give me an adivice!!

  25. vicen says:

    Preciosa bolsa, las fotos son encantadoras.Saludos

  26. Bohemian says:

    Great outfit, Your bag is classic!

  27. Kelly says:

    I love that bag! I have the same on damier.So chic!!!I just find your blog and I love it!Of course I'm following!!!xoxohttp://kellysboudoir.blogspot.com

  28. Becky Jean says:

    Love that baggg!!!! aww your piccies make me jealous!!!! xxhttp://time-is-fleeting.blogspot.com

  29. agnes says:

    j'aime beaucoup ton blanc et tes chaussures.

  30. oh! you're so lovely! do you live in madrid? it's one of my favourite cities of spain. Next year I'm probably going there to study. You look really well on this simple outfit. In my opinion, less is always more, don't you think so?chic style!xx

  31. Catita says:

    this is a simple but very pretty look! love LV!!Catitahttp://catindreamland.blogspot.com/

  32. kirstyb says:

    love the shoes and of course the bag – i have the same one x

  33. Karoline says:

    Love the LV, I truly want one!

  34. Miss.Fatii says:

    Me encanta el look, es sencillo pero a la vez tan elegante… supongo que hara que sea así de perfecto la persona que lo lleva, porque es guapísima :)Un besote, que sepas, me encanta ese bolso (;

  35. anatibi says:

    Me gusta tu look, y la historia del bolso, a mi también me encanta ese bolso…Besos y te sigo!hendayestyle.blogspot.com

  36. karolina says:

    i like your shoes :)www.teenagerswardrobe.blogspot.com

  37. everyone loves a louis!

  38. hélène says:

    Such a classic! Your family is awesome for giving you that as a gift! And i love your shoes too 🙂

  39. Camilla says:

    LVBAGYOULUCKYGIRL.fanbulous blog & thanks for commenting! xINTOTHEFOLDFASHION.BLOGSPOT.COM

  40. Panda says:

    This is so lovely :-)Great outfit!Panda xxx

  41. heleen says:

    You look so pretty! xo

  42. Simple, but chic outfit! Great smile!xoxo Sandrahttp://glamirrorous.com

  43. moda capital says:

    Tu bolso esta precioso!! saludos desde México!http://modacapital.blogspot.com

  44. I'm stupid lol. I just left you a comment saying i wished i could read spanish, and then i realized you wrote it in english too lol! Well thanks for your comment, and that's an awesome gift to get! I usually just have to go for the knock-off purses :/

  45. What a gorgeous top! You look lovely!Rachael

  46. apparellel says:

    such a classic look on a gorgeous girl.xxxt

  47. Lyka Kalabaw says:

    Nice post i like it, keep posting and happy blogging…. and If you want too, kindly and please visit my blog http://www.lyka.com/ thank you in advance.

  48. ...Iww... says:

    You look lovely 😀 and you are so beautiful

  49. Looking lovely and it's such a classic bag. A great bag is timeless.

  50. Susi says:

    The outfit is LOVE!!! And the bag just adorable … =)

  51. i love your shoes and you are so cute! keep up the great blog xowww.terynfrances.blogspot.com

  52. Joanna says:

    thanks for visiting my blog the other day!i love this outfit, so casual and chic =)

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