Fit in Clouds

 Fit in Clouds fold-able flats
 dress, Hollister; fedora, hat boutique (Madrid); flip-flops, havianas; flats, gifted from Fit in Clouds; clutch, height of vintage
I was more than happy when Fit in Clouds gifted me with these flats that are super cute and fit their name to a T. The shoes fit in my over-sized clutch-which I won from Height of Vintage who has a beautiful etsy shop-for a quick change from my flip flops that I wore all day (which I desperately needed). With the comfort of the flats & the adorable sash-bag to match these are a must for the summer season. The outfit possibilities are endless with these flats that can easily be carried with you in a small clutch or purse. There are also a variety of colors and styles and your feet will definitely praise you after you buy a pair (or two), the shipping is hassle-less, & the outcome is magnificent. With my traveling and late nights with girlfriends these fold-able flats are really just “three small steps to heaven”.  
Visit their website:

 Estaba más que feliz cuando me caben en las nubes, dotado de estas viviendas que son super lindo y ajuste su nombre a una T. Los zapatos caben en el embrague de gran tamaño para el cambio rápido de mi chanclas que llevaba todo el día (que Realmente es necesario). Las posibilidades son infinitas con traje de estos apartamentos que fácilmente se puede llevar con usted en un embrague pequeños o en el bolso. Su también una variedad de colores y estilos, y sus pies definitivamente te alabaré después de comprar un par (o dos). Los pisos de tapa en realidad sólo son capaces de “tres pequeños pasos al cielo”.

29 Responses to “Fit in Clouds”
  1. Those flats are gorgeous and go beautifully with your dress and clutch.

  2. Jammer says:

    love the hat! And, those flats are so cuteee

  3. Queen D says:

    Wow..looks so summer!!perfect dress..and ur flat really fabTHE SECRET LIFE OF "D"xoxo

  4. CGBlogger says:

    Love the outfit! Great summer wear!

  5. Pixie Dust says:

    Looking amazing!!!!!If you get the time – and I hope you will 🙂 – please check out my blog. I think you might like it! Hoping to hear from you soon, sweetie!xxx

  6. Beautiful and I love the flats 🙂 Kara XOXO

  7. I so needed little fold-up flats like that when I was in Australia, walking EVERYWHERE. They're cute on you!♥ V

  8. Ohh those flats are so cute and they look great with your cute dress:) Kisses sweetie and have a great afternoon:)Muah

  9. Krystal says:

    awww, very cute flats!!

  10. Those shoes are too cool!

  11. fitinclouds says:

    Thank you for the great post!

  12. phairhead says:

    the hat is flipping adorable!

  13. so cool u have foldable flats!! I've seen those, they look great too!

  14. vdcouture says:

    envy you!! whoa love the flats. it must've been really comfy right :)love,vdcouture

  15. Looks great… I just wonder how durable they are…xxx

  16. They're super cute, and I love the blue color that you have! Also, I love your hat.xolacey

  17. Joan says:

    ohh you are fitting is clouds! these flats are amazing!

  18. Vanessa Mala says:

    Your outfit looks so cute and comfy! And the purse looks great!And I still need some shoes like that :)BesosVanessa@heightofvintage

  19. Such cute shoes! Love the colour, nice hat too!

  20. Claire says:

    cool, really need to get me a straw hat 🙂

  21. Sky Pies says:

    Your pictures are wonderful!!! Thank you for your lovely comment <3, I love foldable flats like that. I take them with me whenever I go out. <

  22. libys11 says:

    how cute!!! i love the flats and the hat! 😀Animated Confessions

  23. That is such a lovely dress, the shoes are really cute and the suits you; I like the outfit!!

  24. love this pictures and your outfit!! look our blog and if you like it, follow us!!www.sickbytrend.blogspot.comxxxsBt

  25. Adele says:

    Looks lovely there!!- AdeleMOLTOCURIOSA.COM

  26. hélène says:

    You look so cute! And how convenient are those little shoes?! 🙂 xx

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