Seen In: ModCloth

Lace has been my favorite fabric since it hit the racks last season. Before the fabric was seen on topped crops and bodysuits lace reminded everyone of your grandmother’s closet or old fashioned gloves. I love the way lace came back into trends since it is such a sexy fabric to play with. ModCloth couldn’t agree more and loved how bloggers were wearing lace this season. How do you wear your lace?

Encaje ha sido mi tejido favorito desde que salió al bastidores la temporada pasada. Antes de que la tela fue visto en los cultivos de cubierta y encajes bodys recordó a todos del armario de tu abuela o viejos guantes de moda. Me encanta el encaje de manera regresó a las tendencias ya que es un tejido sexy para jugar. Modcloth no podía estar más de acuerdo y amado cómo bloggers llevaban encajes en esta temporada. ¿Cómo usar sus encajes?
14 Responses to “Seen In: ModCloth”
  1. i love love love lace. i wear it in the form of dresses, tops, and hair accessories. i have always been a fan of lace ever since i was little!check out my blog sometime!

  2. Cool feature! I bought several shirts with lace arms… :)xxx

  3. oh and a black lace dress… 😀

  4. Miss Molly says:

    lace is also one of my fav fabrics!xoxoPS: check out the giveaway on my blog

  5. Well done!!! Really love that lace top:) I have a lace dress :)kisses and have a great day:)

  6. phairhead says:

    ModCloth is the tits!!! love love love

  7. vdcouture says:

    i love that lace top!!!!! fabulous!!love,vdcouture

  8. Congrats on the feature!! As for how I would wear it…I don't know I always feel like I look horrible in lace even though I love it on everyone else, quite annoying!

  9. So excited when I saw you there! Lace is such a delicate thread, I love to pair with more rugged pieces like denim and leather. Congrats on the feature!

  10. How cool is that!!! Congrats. I just received my tote and it is darling. Thanks so much. later I will be doing a post showing off all my latest additions. Thank you.

  11. I'm loving lace, I wish I owned more pieces, sadly my wallet does not agree.

  12. Anna Jane says:

    you look awesome! congrats on the feature. i like to incorporate lace everywhere–even in my business casual wardrobe.xx anna jane

  13. Stephanie says:

    I don't wear much lace, but it looks so good here, I might start!

  14. i love lace too, it's so trendy right now! i love the feminine touch it gives to the whole outfit.

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