Hair Envy

Lately I have been itching to do something different yet subtle with my long locks. As each day goes on I find myself falling in the love with bangs. They are cute, chic, and a cute change to my normal hair. I am currently obsessed with the four styles posted above. I wish I could have all four & look as perfect as they do.
Últimamente he estado con ganas de hacer algo diferente y sutil con mis cabellos largos. Con cada día que pasa me encuentro cayendo en el amor con flequillo. Ellos son lindos, más elegantes, y un cambio a mi lindo cabello normal. Actualmente estoy obsesionado con los cuatro estilos escrito previamente. Me gustaría poder tener las cuatro y mirada tan perfecto como lo hacen.
10 Responses to “Hair Envy”
  1. As have I…I am sure whatever you choose, if you do, shall be lovely!Liesl 🙂

  2. Hello…Ive been pondering bangs as well…I had a BAD experience in the past though, I think thats whats stopping me…once you cut them…the hair is gone:(Have a fashionable day! Statements in Fashion

  3. For fun try faux bang clips. If you love it you can do it for real afterwards.

  4. Ashley's hair is my fave, its gorgeous. You should go for it! xx

  5. Wish I could pull off bangs.

  6. Oooh agreed! Love those!! I need to do something with my hair too, but not bangs, did those already last year, haha

  7. vdcouture says:

    they look awesome right i wish i could have brunette hair 😦 hopefully someday we can change our hair color vdcouture

  8. I am totally all for bangs:) You should go for it and if you dont like it then you can always clip it:)Kisses,sweetie

  9. you an totally pull of the bangs!Do it! there so fun…and they grow it quickly if you don't end up liking them.

  10. wish i could do bangs like this but it wouldn't work with my curly hair. le sigh.

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