This is a picture from an out-take of an {old post} that I never posted but always wanted to. There are so many pictures that don’t make it onto my site but I love how fun and vibrant (along with my shoes) this picture is. It seems that lately I can never get my hair as straight as I did here. Each morning is always a struggle with my brush and straight iron.
I also wanted to express how twitter has been my second cyber home lately. I am completely addicted and sometimes even may leave TMI (too much information)!  
18 Responses to “Out-take”
  1. Your shoes are beautiful:) kisses,sweetie

  2. Chiara says:

    You look adorable!!!I am having the same problem with my hair, and I am starting to think maybe it's that my flat iron doesn't heat as much as it used to? Time for a new one!!! Or is that just me looking for an excuse to go shopping… xoxowww.joiedevivre-chiara.blogspot.com

  3. i love the purple shoes, nice pop of color to the outfit!for hair straightner, you should look at doing a brazilian blow out or the keratin express, I just had mine done 2 months ago and I LOVE IT! I hardly use a straight iron anymore.besosV

  4. K & J says:

    Very Fabulous and I LOVE those heels. HOT!! Kara XOXO

  5. Pretty as always. Love your heels.xoxoSarawww.collagevintage.com

  6. Olya says:

    this picture is so cool, you are right!!!! it reminds me of Paris FW for some reason:)which hair straighteber are you using? I'm loving my ghi!!!!! best hair tool investment ever!!!xoxo, Olyawww.theate-olya.blogspot.com

  7. LIQUESandMEG says:

    love the little pop of color!<3

  8. Ms. Paradise says:

    Great skirt! I agree, twitter can be quite addictive!

  9. Anna Jane says:

    those shoes are awesome! they look so good with black tights…keepers for sure.xx ajhttp://seejaneworkplaylive.blogspot.com

  10. Kara says:

    I love your skirt! You look great! And twitter is so addicting! I'll follow you! :)xo

  11. Nicole Lisa says:

    You are right, those shoes are simply super chic. I love that they are a different color making the outfit so much more fun.<3 Nicole Lisahttp://www.blushcode.com/

  12. paola says:

    i love the shoes anh how the colour bring glamour to the outfit!

  13. Noelani says:

    Adore the bright shoes with tights, just exactly what everyone should be doing this season! Lovely!

  14. Very adorable outfit! Love the purple shoes!

  15. elizabeth s. says:

    Cute outfit. i love those purple shoes!xxe.

  16. Krystal says:

    sooo cute, i love this one!! hope you are enjoying boston my dear!

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