Peek-a-boo Mesh

top, lna via gilt; leggings, dvf; wedges, trouve; sunnies, prada
Ever since I was invited to, I have been a complete addict. I practically wait by my phone everyday 5 minutes until 12 for updates on new sales and what could potentially be mine. Since I am always too scared {because of sizing or not logging in fast enough} I never buy the pieces that I want. I finally decided on this LnA shirt and I am surprisingly in love. The mesh stripes are both cute and sexy making it a versatile top. You all know I love to be comfortable, so this is the perfect addition to my wardrobe.  And yes, I am posting an over-load of my new suede wedges but can you blame me?
71 Responses to “Peek-a-boo Mesh”
  1. Wow, great top. But I especially love the way you're wearing your leggings and those fab pumps!xxNovember GreyStop by for a gorgeous art giveaway!

  2. Suyinsays says:

    i love love love your shoeS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kinsey says:

    I like this top. I think you styled it well too, mesh can be tacky but it isn't at all with this outfit! It is really cute!

  4. Reyna♥ says:

    Such a cute outfit! (:

  5. Chiara says:

    What a great outfit!!! You look greathave a great

  6. Holly says:

    oh my gosh this outfit is so chic! I love those shoes ❤ you look fab

  7. Aissata says:

    really love this outfit. and congrats for the best dresses title

  8. AzaharaJS says:

    wonderful shoes!kissesAzaharaJS

  9. omg I totally adore this sweater!!!!

  10. You have beautiful style.

  11. K & J says:

    Such a fab outfit and I love the wedges. No need to worry about over posting with those HOT shoes!! Kara XOXO

  12. Diva Putri says:

    fallin in love with your top :)wanna follow each other dear?-diva-

  13. thanks for visit to me, I like your blog I follow you!!kisses!!

  14. katie says:

    nice top! – thanks for the

  15. Melody says:

    I love what you're wearing in this ❤ It looks really comfy yet stylish at the same time 🙂 And those wedges are to die for ❤

  16. Karolina says:

    you are so beautiful and you have perfect outfit 🙂 love your wedges <3we can follow each otcher if you like it 😉

  17. Signe says:

    Amazing wedges 🙂

  18. Camilla says:

    you look gorgeous!and those shoes are AMAZING!following :)

  19. sincerely, says:

    your top is sooo cute! i'm super jeal- i may have to start shopping on now toosincerely,YCM

  20. Kim says:

    Hey there, I love your wedges, they are really pretty 🙂 Yesterday I was at the store and I was doubting about buying similar looking wedges but I ended up not getting them.. Maybe next time 🙂

  21. typepeace says:

    nice wedges , i want some like that i can just never seem to find any, thanks for commenting xoxo

  22. michelle_ says:

    i want your wedges booties !!this is a really gorgeous outfit !!happy sunday xx

  23. Gypsy says:

    Thanks for your comment, great blog and I love your style.

  24. I'm always too scared to buy what I want from Gilt too, haha! But you made a great choice with this top! And those shoes are amazing, I'd wear them every day 😉

  25. Nicoline says:

    Love your blog soooo sooo much!! I hope you will follow or visit my blog:)

  26. Love the shoes and top! Great outfit 🙂

  27. Julie says:

    How much I love your boots!)))

  28. Marella says:

    Yor boots are amazing!

  29. j calhoun says:

    hiii honey!! thx for leaving a comment on my blog!! love ur pics!! would love to have u as my follower!!!KISSES juliaNYC

  30. style'n says:

    I am obsessed with your top! Love it. naina

  31. Emilia says:

    you have a really nice blog 🙂 And i love your wedges!<3

  32. Marinka says:

    Your top looks really good on you

  33. i LOVE your outfit! that shirt is so unique, and chic! (that rhymes, haha!)i am really liking how all of the colors go together, and are of such a simple color palette. black and white can never do anyone wrong. :)XO,

  34. jemina says:

    I LOVE your top, and if I were to have those wedges I would definitely wear them daily too :))Wishing you a lovely dayXOXOJ

  35. Faboulista says:

    u are so goerous. and i love the top paired with those shoes. beutiful outfit.xoxomina

  36. Don't worry, those wedges are super hot. And I love the shirt too.

  37. Margaret says:

    the mesh is so cheeky :)and i love those shoes!!great blog!loving the postsstop by some time xx

  38. agnes says:

    magnifique, j'adore ton top, et tes compensés sont sublimes.Très jolies photos

  39. Bio says:

    the top is lovely darlin

  40. Thanks for you lovely comments :)News in my blog.xoxo

  41. la mì says:

    HI! I love your blog and the pictures are name's martina and I come from Italy…I would like you visit my blog and if you like it…follow me!I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ;D

  42. You look so beautiful! Greart pics and post!!!

  43. Absolutly love your shoes & top.Thanks for stopping by :)xx

  44. Great shirt and wedges! And you are beautiful. Like your blog, hope you will become a follower of my blog too?xoxo

  45. Wow great blog! Love your style! Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day!XOLise

  46. Alicia says:

    I love your top; it's so interesting! You have a really unique sense of style; love it.

  47. Gabriele says:

    I love your outfit!Thanks for your comment,it would be nice,if you can follow me:)www.cookiebyme.blogspot.comG.

  48. Robbie says:

    You've styled this top really well, love it's peekaboo stripes. Thanks for your lovely comment, would love you to follow. You have a great blog, am now following.Also LOVE your wedges.xxx

  49. Marloes. says:

    your top is amazing!!

  50. BM says:

    thanks for your sweet comment! now following you! can you follow me also?i love your style, great hair too!new outfit post now on my blog :)

  51. Serena P. says:

    I' m in love with this look! I hope that you want to follow me!!!I will be so happy!!! I follow you!S.

  52. emwhyte says:

    Not at all…..I love those wedges 😉

  53. wow, the top is just perfect for you…love that you paired it with those amazing shoes!♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  54. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours! Amazing wedges and great buy from gilt! I noticed you're from Boston?? I think I saw Newbury St. in the background of one of your posts below, haha. Every time I'm in Boston, I always shop there! I'm actually considering moving there before I make a more permanent move to NYC!Hope you'll stop by again soon 🙂

  55. Mode Junkie says:

    you look so pretty babe!! that shirt is LOVE. i heart all things MESHED. 😉 and same thing with me, i never have the courage to click buy and when it´s sold out, i regret not buying it!! 😦 your shoes are friggin awesome too!xoxo Mode Junkie

  56. AH says:

    thanks for commenting! i love your top!

  57. I just looove those wedges! ❤

  58. Bernarda says:

    Great wedges and such an interesting sheer top, love it!

  59. you are so beautiful! :)<3

  60. Sara says:

    Oh god you have a lot of style!!!The shoes are so nice.. i adore them :)Thanks for comment me!!See you!

  61. valeriew says:

    I absolutely love this top! i found your blog from styledon–fabulous post!

  62. holy mother of pearl. those wedges are GORGEOUS!!! more pictures, moremoremore!!xoxo,carrie

  63. Chahana says:

    amazing outfit, you look stunning. lovely blog also =)

  64. love the outfit..esp the shoes!! i subbed! ❤

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