Pink Fur

via solestruck

Just when I thought Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas couldn’t get any more fabulous. (Fur + Litas = amazing)

17 Responses to “Pink Fur”
  1. I am in love with these shoes. I want!!

  2. K. Mines says:

    Yeahhhh, these shoes the a-mazing!

  3. βe says:

    Those shoes in a beige colour would definately look awesome, especially with the fur feeling. I love that fur feeling:D

  4. Zarna says:

    the litas keep getting better and better!!stayfabulous,

  5. AzaharaJS says:


  6. becka says:

    wow! I want them!! jajaja xoxo

  7. Marinka says:

    those are so cute !!!

  8. These are TOO gorgeous!! I so want a pair.

  9. Susana R. says:

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  10. joannastar says:

    iwould like to have these shoes! they're stunning ;)

  11. APieceOfCrap says:

    oh, gorgeous!Take a peek, our first Hope you'll enjoy it :)Best regards from Sweden

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