No Intro Needed

shoes, jeffrey campbell via solestruck; jacket, madewell; dress, and cardigan, dvf

I finally got my Jeffrey Campbell Litas {I have been waiting forever} and they were definitely worth the wait. The rumors are true, they are the most comfortable heels I own at such a soaring height. Once I saw them I had to have them. They are also the last pair I will be buying this month since I am not shopping for all of November – well, i’ll try at least. I have so many pieces in my closet and want to wear them to the fullest by mixing and matching. My countdown to shop again starts today (only 24 more days left).

P.S – I have an amazing giveaway coming up I am so excited for it

26 Responses to “No Intro Needed”
  1. Wow, those are incredible. Searching for them now. Really comfortable? I love how high they are.xxNovember Grey

  2. Love this! I def want to order the pink fur litas.

  3. How lucky! I definitely want a pair of Lita's myself. I hear nothing but great things about them!Stop by soon!

  4. The shoes look fab. They are really tall. Have fun shopping again – yay! less than 24 hours to go!

  5. Delany says:

    You look amazing!

  6. I loooove the mixture of colors and textures in your outfit. Gorgeous! Shoes=divine

  7. Mariza says:

    Amaaazing shoees!!! Are they so expensive as they seems…?!Love your outfit!xoxo, Mariza!

  8. daisychain says:

    wow! is all I can say

  9. Ale Ar.Va. says:

    great shoes!! they are one of my faves for this season! xoxoAle! from

  10. Carla says:

    Oh my God! I cant believe you have them, I´ve been wanting them for mooonths but my budget doesn´t allow me lol.They are too awesome.xxRedhead In Law

  11. Lovely shoes! They look so good on you! :)Hugs,E.

  12. projectvee says:

    gorgeous litas! 🙂

  13. Kristen says:

    What great shoes! And I love your outfit! ♥

  14. Marinka says:

    Nice outfit I like your litas

  15. I really love your coat!

  16. WOW, this outfit is amazing! I love the coat, the cardigan, the stocks, the shoes (really cute) and you are a very beautiful girl.P.s= thank you for write in my newborn blog, you made me so happy.Kisses

  17. WOW, they really look cool:) Like the whole outfit:)Thank you so much for stopping by and for your nice comment:)I really like your blog:) I'm gonna follow:) I'd love you to stop by soon again or if you like, follow back:) Would be great:)Hope to hear from you soon:)Kisses

  18. Gorgeous boots! I love your blog, I'm following you on BlogLovin'… thanks for the sweet comment!

  19. Alison says:

    Those shoes + that jacket is stunning! I love the combination of textures and fall colours!

  20. I saw your post on StyledOn and then found your blog–these shoes are just fabulous!

  21. Simona says:

    oh those litas! they look pretty high are they comfy?xxSimona

  22. It's true no introduction needed! I feel like I'm well acquainted with these babies even though I've never met them in person 😉 They look great on you!xx Cristina

  23. Christine says:

    wow these look amazing <3xoxo Christine

  24. Lisa says: your coat and those shoes!

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