Beso {Winner}

a preview of tomorrow’s post
I am so happy to announce the winner of my $100 Beso giveaway; Closet Fashionista! (The winner was picked completely at random) I cannot wait to see how she spends and wardrobes the pieces that she gets using the gift card.
I also added a little preview of tomorrow’s post. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
14 Responses to “Beso {Winner}”
  1. Congrats to the winner!!! She is one of the sweetest bloggers around =)

  2. Emma says:

    Can't wait for the next giveaway! And those sunglasses are so great

  3. looking fabulous lovely! lace is so in style again! xoxo

  4. Yay! I'm gonna love seeing this giveaway popping up in her hilarious "budget posts!"

  5. hilima says:

    oh wow so lovely <3<3

  6. Congrats to the winner!! Love the dress! Hope don´t miss tomorow´s post!

  7. Abi says:

    COngrats Closet Fashionista!Love what I can see of your dress.

  8. Tucker says:

    gorgeous dress!! you look beautiful!

  9. Looking lovely on a lovely day!Liesl 🙂

  10. Congratulations to the winner; love her blog.And your preview picture is just gorgeous!

  11. Kirsten says:

    LOVE that dress!~Kirsten

  12. Gorgeous preview pic, you look like a modern Jackie O!And congrats to Closet Fashionista, she must work just about full time on viewing blogs as she always visits mine too!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous dress. DVF if the best of the best.

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