Over stuffed

top, cotton ink; sweater, free people; jeans, juicy couture; shoes, jeffrey campbell litas
After the holidays I am completely over-stuffed and shopped-out. On Black Friday (yesterday) I happily was not forced to wait in any lines at 3 am, but my curiosity still lead to shop mid-afternoon. Every store was packed and the sales were mediocre; I came home empty-handed finding the stores too messy to shop in and nothing worth buying. Next year I may just opt to stay home and rent a handful of movies.
27 Responses to “Over stuffed”
  1. Star-Light says:

    gorgeous outfit! i want your shoes 😀

  2. Nice cardigan and cool shoes:)xxx

  3. Diva Putri says:

    really really love your shoes! gorgeous :Dwanna follow each other dear? if you dont mind hehediva

  4. I want to steal this outfit!! 😀 :DAnd yea, I don't go out on Black Friday, but I do look onine, I almost got some stuff at Express since it was 40% off and I had a coupon for $30 off of $75 or $40 off of $120, hahahttp://aclosetfashionista.blogspot.com/

  5. Such a cute outfit! I love the cardigan! xx

  6. deppa says:

    Simple and comfortable = great option ;)See you!

  7. I agree, I'm over it! I did get a great pair of boots though for 60% off.

  8. Bog-Bog says:

    Amazing shoes and love the cardgan too!

  9. i want your shoes, great outfit!jadepurplebrown.blogspot.com

  10. I am loving ur cardigan and cross necklace! =D

  11. alannah. says:

    i cannot imagine what black friday sales are like ( we dont have that in australia.. probably the craziest stores ever get are on boxing day sales). but you look gorgeous, that cardigan is such a pretty colour!x

  12. Michelle says:

    love those necklaces!yeah black friday is crrrazy i would definitely not want to wait in line and everything is always wayy to messy later.http://herecomesthesun13.blogspot.com

  13. Hello! 😀 Passing by your blog. I hope we can be good friends. Can we follow each others blogs?? (><♥♥♥)

  14. Cute outfit! Love the necklaces! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)I'm now following you! 😀 – Sriya xxlipglossandleopardprint.blogspot.com

  15. Diva Putri says:

    hey anna, i've followed yours too. thankyou for following me!hope we can be a good friends :)divalittle geek madame

  16. Z--- says:

    I love your litas!xxwww.zscloset.blogspot.com

  17. Sarah says:

    You have Litas, I'm beyond jealous!Thanks for stopping by Burn the Blonde X

  18. Ariadne says:

    Muito bonita!Essas Jeffrey Campbell são demais-adoro-as!Kiss.

  19. OMG YOUR SHOES!! I want the litas!! Have you seen the glitter ones!! I REALLY WANT THOSE 🙂

  20. Justyna says:

    very cool outfit, love the litas on you!

  21. Eli says:

    this is such a simple chic outfit, you look fantastic and so happy!

  22. Seriously crushing on those Jeffrey Campbell's . . . definitely LOVE! Free People also have the loveliest clothes and that sweater looks so nice for the holiday season :)hearts and hugs,Nina

  23. i love those shoes <3333

  24. Sunaina says:

    love your cardigan's color! and those shoes!

  25. Hey beautiful lady, thanks for stopping by the Midtown Bazaar blog. It's always nice to get a comment or two. I see you are on Chictopia. Will head over there to vote chic ya. xo. -Bella Q

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