In Anticipation

jacket, juicy couture; top, j.crew; cardigan & boots, dvf; jeans, abercrombie; earmuffs, burberry; bag, longchamp
Ever since it became December I have been patiently anticipating the first snow fall. For some reason it is just magical and beautiful. The news had claimed that it would snow yesterday so I waited but nothing happened. I know once the snow starts falling I will be begging for it to be the summer but I still can’t wait for the snow to fall.

These boots {also seen here} are my favorite because you can wear them folded {seen here} or unfolded. But the suede makes them unwearable in the snowy season so I am getting all my wear out of them now.

18 Responses to “In Anticipation”
  1. this morning driving to work (how i'm at work, i have no idea) i was thinking i need ear muffs!!!! – then i realized i have tons of them from my college years of walking from the parking lot to class – NOW i gotta find them – i could of gave them all to good-will …*kiss kiss*Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. The earmuffs are so sweetKisses

  3. Alisha says:

    Cute outfit, love the shoes xox

  4. Really cute earmuffs!Giveaway: Patricia Field Leather Glovettes!

  5. Love this outfit!! and I know! I'm waiting for the first snow too….it was supposed to snow a little bit yesterday but it didn't :/

  6. Pretty girl, bag and shoes 🙂 M.

  7. Jess says:

    Seriously love everything about this outfit! Especially your bag!!Thanks for visiting my blog — hope to see you back again soon!

  8. Krystal says:

    aw ear muffs, how cute!!

  9. KIRAFASHION says:

    I have never seen the snow! It really must be magical and you look stunning for this very special day!all my love,Kira

  10. Laura says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment!What a nice outfit! Your boots are great!

  11. diana kang says:

    i have the same earmuffs but dont wear it too ofen

  12. Sunaina says:

    Lovely outfit and the military coat looks great on you!

  13. DSK Steph! says:

    you are quite the fashionista!

  14. The mix of prints and details here plays so well together, and gotta love some versatility with those boots!

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