Blizzard Warning

top and sweater, madewell; jeans, juicy couture; shoes, j.renee; braclets, david yurman

 These shoes are my newest addition to my collection thanks to my parents for Christmas. I love how unique and girlie they are, but was upset when one of the bows fell off before I even wore them! I’m not sure if I should return them for another pair or buy another pair all together. Any suggestions?

 There is a huge blizzard warning in the area so I collected my boyfriend, hot chocolate, food, movies, and games to accompany me through the storm. I actually enjoy being snowed in because it forces me to relax and do absolutely nothing.

7 Responses to “Blizzard Warning”
  1. Oooh I love those shoes! But if a bow already fell of I dunno what that means about the quality :/ We have a blizzard warning too! I took work off tomorrow though so luckily I don't have to worry about getting there…but then if they get the day off I wasted a vacation day, haha

  2. i love the leopard + bow match on your heelsgreat outfitnew year preparation pt. 1 uploaded at me on blog and twitter to those of you who haven't!)

  3. i love your leopard pumps! super cute! I want a leopard fur coat, i think it'd be super cute! gotta love leopardd! happy holidays :)

  4. Lu says:

    I LOVEEEEEE these shoes! best chrismas gift i've seen yet! and honestly i put everything together with hot glue or get elemers "stick all" glue, we use that at the shoe store all the time.hope that helps girlie!!wolves and sparklerslu

  5. Gorgeous heels! I adore anything with leopard and bows 🙂 I'd suggest trying Krazee glue, that stuff lasts forever and all you need is a little bit- I use it quite often, whenever gemstones on sweaters and things fall off.Have fun waiting out the blizzard. . . sometimes it's nice to just sit around and enjoy the day :)hearts and hugs,Nina

  6. K & J says:

    I LOVE those shoes. Being girlie is what makes them so cute. If you return them I would say get the same pair at least. Those look great and I love how they look with a pair of jeans. I'm on the Mass/RI border so I'm in the area that's going to get hit with 2 feet of snow. Thankfully I'm on school break and don't have to go anywhere tomorrow :)Hope you had a wonderful Christmas…Kara XOXO

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