Pack For…Venice

Venice the city of Romance When I got off the train at Venice I saw the beauty that the town had. It is not like any other town in Italy with water taxis, water buses, gondolas, and outdoor seating over-looking the river. The cobble-stoned streets and bridges to get from one street to the other … Continue reading

…Likes a Jazz Man

lemon chicken with hand-made french fries Remember in the Sex and the City series when Big teases Carrie because she “likes a jazz man”? That was all I could think about when I stopped at the Jazz Cafe during my spring break stop in Milan after shopping, shopping, shopping. On our hectic day of non-stop … Continue reading

Pack for..Florence

Mangia, Mangia, Mangia and some sight seeing. A couple of weeks ago for spring break I traveled throughout the most carb-filled country in the world; Italy. I made stops in the major cities; Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice, & Milan and picked up on the tourists and residences style at each one. I previously blogged about … Continue reading

Store Must: Luisavia Roma

Yesterday while walking in the shopping district of Florence I was mesmerized by two enormous flat screen televisions playing Kate Moss designing her bags for Longchamp. Curious, because I love anything and everything Kate Moss, I looked under the TVs to find Luisavia Roma; a beautiful boutique that carries all designer names from Juicy Couture … Continue reading

Arrivederchi Tourists

  When traveling to London I was gifted with the Louis Vuitton London city guide. The outside is adorable and is full of amazing places to see, shop, and indulge. The book gives tips on what to wear and who you can hopefully get a glimpse of. No more looking like an unfashionable tourist! There … Continue reading

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