When in Rome

being very Italian Trevvi Fountain Spanish steps Via dei Condottishirt, pepe jeans; sunglasses, rayban; bag, botiker; jeans, joes jeans With the weather trying to get warmer I decided to reminisce on my spring break trip; specifically, Rome. (I recently blogged about how to pack for the trip) The streets are full of tourists and the … Continue reading

Pack For…Rome

shirt, pepe jeans Last week for spring break I traveled all over Italy and picked up a lot of fashion tips first hand that I wanted to share with my glamorous passporties (my new term for my blog readers-love it?). Rome is a city of so many (sometimes it can be overwelming), much need sight … Continue reading

Keds & Tights

When walking around the Vatican in Rome I saw so many different outfit combinations. The one that stuck out to me the most was sneakers with dresses or skirts. It is a different way for the comfortable tourist to rome around Rome (hehe) and still dress cute. The combination of sneakers and tights look the … Continue reading

Arrivederchi Tourists

  When traveling to London I was gifted with the Louis Vuitton London city guide. The outside is adorable and is full of amazing places to see, shop, and indulge. The book gives tips on what to wear and who you can hopefully get a glimpse of. No more looking like an unfashionable tourist! There … Continue reading

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